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Within the Natural Resources Institute and the university’s Faculty of Engineering and Science, we have a dynamic and highly multi-disciplinary working environment that strives for a vibrant and inclusive culture of research excellence.  The network has been established to allow Early Career Researchers (ECR) to come together and develop their research and wider development skills, learning from each other and more experienced colleagues within the university.

The network is open to all ECRs striving for their research independence and to those wishing to change career direction.  It aims to be inclusive and seeks to enable ECRs to co-create a locally owned and sustainable programme of support, including additional funding opportunities, that will benefit them through opportunities for multi-disciplinary interaction, support and engagement on issues that matter to them.

The network is highly complementary and feeds into the ECR PGR Forum as well as the training opportunities managed by the university’s Research & Enterprise Training Institute.

Committee Members

Natural Resources Institute

Medway School of Pharmacy

School of Science

School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences

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To join the Early Career Researcher Network, find us at:

  • Early Career Researcher Network - FES-GR-RDS

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Targeted sets of activities designed to support Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and ensure that they are well equipped to develop into world-class researchers successfully, are set out in the HR Excellence in Research Award Action Plan, supported by GRE & HR.