In a complex, changing global context, our research seeks solutions in support of sustainable agri-food systems, environmental resilience, food security, nutrition and health.

We explore the interconnections between people and natural resources, prioritising strategies which are innovative, equitable and deliver benefits for livelihoods and wellbeing.

Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich
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Medway Food Innovation Centre

Our cutting-edge facility will revolutionise the way you develop your products. Gain access to unmatched analytical tools and processing expertise.

Produce Quality Centre

Our state-of-the-art facility provides an ideal environment for ground-breaking research into post-harvest conditions, plant pathogenic host interactions and packaging designs.

Early Career Researchers Network

Within the Natural Resources Institute and the university’s Faculty of Engineering and Science, we have a dynamic and highly multi-disciplinary working environment that strives for a vibrant and inclusive culture of research excellence.

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Embracing Our History

NRI is strongly linked with the UKs colonial past, with historic ties to many government colonial research units and institutes since the 1890’s. We are embracing this history through a number of projects including securing NRI’s historic archive and promoting its use for research on colonial agricultural and natural science.

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