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About This Programme

Master the intricacies of food safety and quality management.

Explore the essentials of ensuring safe and high-quality food for consumers through our specialised programme in applied food safety and quality management. Following the farm-to-fork approach, we address a wide array of issues in food safety and quality management.

Topics encompass good governance and national control systems, food inspection, and testing services. You'll explore managing food safety and quality throughout the supply chain and learn to design and implement management systems compliant with national and international regulations. Delivered by experts from NRI, the programme is enriched with research insights and industry expertise.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Practitioner-based learning at a trusted and world-renowned institution: NRI has over 125 years of history in international development research and practice, with ongoing links in more than 30 countries worldwide, thus providing opportunities for practitioner-based learning.
  • Student Research Projects: Our programme allows students to engage in cutting-edge research projects supervised by NRI’s expert researchers. Recent student projects have included understanding consumer perceptions on food additives, food adulteration, and food allergens. Moreover, projects that students have conducted research on understanding the presence of foodborne pathogens and antimicrobial resistant bacteria in the agroecosystem, these students attended and presented their work at international conferences.

Programme Team

The team that leads this programme are food- science, -safety, -innovation and -marketing specialists with experience in food science, microbiology, chemistry and engineering.  Their research focuses on antimicrobial resistance, new product developments, food safety and laboratory quality management and alternative proteins.

Career Opportunities

Alumni of our programme have embarked on diverse career paths, landing exciting roles in food quality assurance, technical management, product development, food policy advocacy, inspection and enforcement, food analysis, post-harvest handling and storage, academia, and cutting-edge research.