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Doubling the number of women professors and recognising the success of its social scientists, the Natural Resources Institute proudly shares the achievements of its academics.

“I’m particularly delighted that several of this year’s new Professors and Associate Professors come from NRI’s community of social scientists” says Prof John Morton. “It recognises the research we do to understand the human dimensions of development – what small-holder farmers in developing countries actually want, what constraints they work under and how they perceive the economic and environmental changes that affect them.  It also recognises the practical work we do getting those insights into the policies and programmes of governments and aid donors.”

The University of Greenwich ran its annual round of academic promotions which led to NRI gaining four new Professorships and one Associate Professorship.

“I am delighted that the international quality and impact of the work of so many of NRI’s staff has been recognised in the 2018 Promotions Round,” added Prof Andrew Westby, Director of NRI.

Awarded the title of Professor:

Adrienne MartinAdrienne Martin, Professor of Development Studies: Research Career Pathway

“I am delighted to have been made a Professor.  My title reflects the fact that from my core background in social sciences, my work has covered a range of topics and interdisciplinary collaborations, addressing problems and issues facing people in developing countries. Throughout, I have had a particular interest in social, institutional, gender and policy aspects, including research on participatory approaches in agricultural development, local knowledge, innovation and value chain development. I owe sincere thanks to my colleagues and research partners whose support and cooperation has contributed enormously to my career and continues to make it so enjoyable.”

Valerie NelsonValerie Nelson, Professor of Sustainable Development: Enterprise Career Pathway

“Since joining NRI in 1996 I have worked on a wide range of sustainability issues in agriculture, natural resources, and rural development in Africa, Latin America and Asia. In recent years I have particularly focused upon equitable and sustainable trade and responsible business issues, and on climate change adaptation in smallholder agriculture. I have received a great deal of support and mentorship during my time at NRI, especially from Adrienne Martin, John Morton and Julian Quan, to whom I am very grateful and also thank colleagues at NRI and the research partners with whom I have been lucky enough to work.”

Julian QuanJulian Quan, Professor of Land and Development Practice: Enterprise Career Pathway

“Thrilled at the university’s recognition of achievements in 25 years of research and project work on land rights, sustainable use of natural resources and rural development, and belief in my continuing potential. Land is a fundamental basis for life, for growing food, human shelter, livelihoods and the landscapes in which we live and work. Land is a source of spiritual, social and territorial identity. Secure rights to access, use and hold land, and the systems that societies and governments use to manage land are fundamental to how we do development, the future of our nations and planet, yet often overlooked. I hope to infuse NRI’s work for our partners with this understanding, and facilitate connections with other University of Greenwich departments, research groups and academic programmes concerned with land and its social, economic and environmental values.”

Hans DobsonHans Dobson, Professor of Integrated Pest Management: Enterprise Career Pathway

“I am really delighted with the promotion to Professor – when I joined NRI’s predecessor organisation as a fresh-faced scientific officer in 1985 I had no idea of the twists and turns my career would take and the many adventures along the way.  I have enjoyed fantastic mentoring and encouragement from my colleagues over the years, and I intend to continue doing the same for others and contributing to the University in as many ways as I can.” 

Awarded the title of Associate Professor

Ravinder KumarRavinder Kumar, Associate Professor of Monitoring and Impact: Enterprise Career Pathway

“Over the last two decades, I have gained significant experience in monitoring, evaluation (M&E) and impact research which is globally recognised.  I am dedicated to improve process and performance management in international development to benefit low-income families in developing countries.  My work includes; contributing to growing the enterprise portfolio and capacities in M&E, expanding NRI’s footprint and partnerships in South Asia, and leading on experimental (randomised control trials) and longitudinal research.  As an Associate Professor, I will continue to strive for innovations in M&E and impact research and hope to grow recognition and appreciation of NRI and the University of Greenwich in this area of work.”

Paul VisendiIn addition Dr Paul Vasendi Muhindira was promoted to a senior lecturer grade.




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