About This Programme

Our MBiol Biology degree offers an immersive and dynamic exploration into the captivating processes of life. This award seamlessly combines bachelor's-level modules with advanced study, culminating in a master's degree.

Delivered jointly by the School of Science and the Natural Resources Institute, this comprehensive degree provides a multidisciplinary understanding of biology, delving into diverse topics such as cancer therapeutics, plant ecology, and neuroscience. You will have the opportunity to undertake two research projects, honing your analytical and problem-solving skills, which are highly sought-after by employers.

With an international focus, you'll learn from global experts and have the chance to participate in field trips and work placements abroad. Upon completion, you'll emerge with the skills to tackle some of humanity's most pressing challenges, ranging from ensuring food security for a growing population in a changing climate to developing treatments for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

The MBiol degree opens up an extensive range of career opportunities, including industrial and medical research in government or commercial laboratories, as well as consultancy work in areas such as biomedical science, biotechnology, or agribusiness. Additionally, this course prepares you for further academic pursuits, such as a research-based PhD.